GS8000l Plate Setting ?

Charlie Cip

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Jan 31, 2015
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United States
I just purchase another and it has some different features than my first one. I suspect this one I just received is actually an older version than the one I purchased about 2 years ago, or, maybe one of these is a fake?

Does any know if they changed features on these units keeping the same model name GS8OOOL?

I also suspect the user manual (as crappy as they are) is not correct for this particular unit.

This unit does not have an HDMI plug on the top. No big deal, I never use that anyway. If I want to save clips I just remove the SD card an move them over to my PC. This unit also does not have zoom in/out feature where my other does.

So, most of the settings I am familiar with being similar to my other, just not using the same buttons.
One setting I have no clue about is called PLATE setting, and plate is not mentioned anyway in the user guide. Can someone please shed some light on this plate setting? What is it used for?

Thank you,