GS90C - recording issue


Jan 29, 2015
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Purchased it from Gearbest about a year ago.

First was the night vision not that great as compared to a half priced G1W, then someone here told me that the light can be adjusted on the playback, Oh yes - it works but still not satisfied with the result, still not bright as the 1/2 priced G1W.

Then, did the firmware update. No improvement on the night exposure, but found another new issue not sure if it is coincident after firmware update, but using different micro SD 32 GB, format it on PC or GS90C, it doesn't record every single sec, meaning there have missing clip. Missing clip might be a critical evidenced moment for proving the accident.

My understanding is Blackview G1W & Dome GS90C are from the same manufacturer, G1W has no issue but not GS90C, I am totally losing confident on Dome/blackview product.

BTW, Gearbest doesn't post my true comment on GS90C, all comments posted there are positive -- really ??? So, I won't recommend to follow the comments on this website as an purchase advice.

Instead of searching on Gearbest, rather pay more from Amazon, at least Amazon reviews are true with easy return policy.