GT880s for wife then me for $20 less


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Feb 6, 2014
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After chasing down two fender bender-ers in less than six months, my wife asked for a dash cam. After success with GT680w's, I bought her the GT880s for ease of hardwire to OBD connector and integrated GPS. After a good soaking charge it came to life and easily locked the gps signal.:) Since she leaves the car in a public lot all day, parking mode with a simple switch is another plus. Bonus is on her car the OBD connection places the switch in easy reach and clear of knee knock.:D In SE PA batteries don't seem an issue.

I like it so much I went to order another at the new lower price for my company car, but OH NO - Out of stock!:eek: What am I to do!:(

I know, I'll tap that AliExpress site. Well how about that, I found the exact item for twenty bucks less than the reduced price making my best of six dash cams the least expensive.:cool:
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