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Jul 20, 2015
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I love my new panorama S. I'm planning to see if I can get it hard wired before I take a long road trip next weekend. Couple of questions...

Should I have it wired in always-on or on with the engine? i have the recommended hard wire kit from pier 28.

Is there anything I need to tell my car guy? I'm not much of a petrol-head.

Thanks for your help.


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Feb 6, 2014
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I suggest using an add-a-fuse for fuse tap that replaces an existing fuse and provides two fuse slots, on for the existing and a new one for your use. Then connect a loose 12v socket to the add-a-fuse lead and a good nearby ground screw or similar chassis screw. Check the voltage with a meter, plug in the provided cord and secure with electric tape or wire ties. The length of the wire to the loose plug can be configured to match your desired location. Hide wires behind finishes and fifteen or so bucks later, forget about it.

The dashcam will be powered and protected as desired by the manufacturer.

With the add a fuse you can pick between an always on circuit or like mine, a circuit energized with the ignition.

Another recent alternative is using a cable configured for the OBDII connector. Several are available on Amazon.
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