Hardwire Kit Question: 2 vs 3 wire


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Aug 8, 2018
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Ive seen hardwire kits with 2 wires, 12v and ground and other kits with 3 wires, 12, ground, and ACC. What's the difference between how they operate the dash cam?
I just got the mini 0906. I was looking at these two hardwire kits and can't figure out which one I need or what the functional differences are, other than the fuse taps.

MiniUSB Hardwire Kit with Mini/LP Mini/ATO/Micro2 Fuse, 5V/2A Output, Battery Drain Protection System, 15ft Length Cord for Dash Cameras https://www.amazon.com/gp/B0787LD92N
Veckle Parking Guard hardwire kit Parking mode for Mini 0906 Car Dash Cam https://www.amazon.com/gp/B0761RZ5XB
I think the 0906 need the dedicated 3 wire hardwire kit to take full use of parking features, wont work with any generic hardwire kit.

BTW your chosen UN in here means Chewing in Danish :)
the first one doesn't even fit your camera so you can rule that one out straight away

the Veckle one can be wired in 2 wire or 3 wire config depending on how you want the camera to function
Whoops. Meant to post the link to the micro usb version for the first one. So even if I got the micro usb version, you guys think this one wont work because its a 2 wire? Glad I posted this question. I don't even see the requirements listed for the cam. Thanks

kamkar, that's funny. Def didnt know that.
Thanks. I think I'll go with the veckle to give me options. Still need to figure out how parking mode works. :)
Thanks. I think I'll go with the veckle to give me options. Still need to figure out how parking mode works. :)
Depends on the camera.. but some, sense when there is no more movement and then switch to parking mode. Once the camera detects normal driving movement it goes back to normal recording.

What confuses most folk is that the camera is running continuously it is just the record (copy) to SD that differs. Consider your smart phone or camera.. as you frame a picture before taking it, only when you click the shutter does the picture get saved.

So in "normal" mode the camera is copying to the SD everything the camera sees. In parking mode it compares the current image to its previous image, if it detects a difference (from one frame to the next) it activates a process that goes back a few seconds in time from its internal buffer and saves the next bit of time (variable) to SD.. if there is no change it does not save it. The problem all cameras have in parking mode is how much of a difference there needs to be from one frame to the next.. clouds move, tree leaves rustle.. lights flash. Most cameras have some controls to select the sensitivity.. but parking mode in general leaves a LOT to be desired.