Help Needed with 9700 ACE


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Aug 27, 2018
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I have a Lukas 9700 ACE that has worked great for years. All of a sudden the SD Card died so I purchased a new one.

Formatted the card using windows then and loaded up the Lukas viewer to then reformat the card again. It added the file structure and all seemed good. Put into dash cam and it boots up, shows the correct time for a split second then it says "Formatting is on standby, press the left key to format". So I press the left key ("E") and it attempts to format the card. Shows "FOR" on the screen but then goes back to saying "Formatting is on standby, press the left key to format".

It says this over and over until I power it off. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried deep formatting the card on a windows computer. I've formatted the card a few times using the Viewer software.

Dash cam is on firmware 37. I'm using a SanDisk Ultra Card 128GB.

Thank you.
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