Help with U1000 needed


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Feb 6, 2017
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I'm having a problem with the thinkware u1000 2 channel. I'm currently using the U1000 main unit as rear camera and rear camera as side camera. It is connected to Blackvue battery pack. When the vehicle is on the camera turns on. But 1 to 2 minutes after turning vehicle off the camera turns off. Since the battery pack has usb port I have my hotspot connected to it and it provides power to Hotspot device. I want to know if this ever happened before in which camera connected to battery pack turns on when vehicle is on but turns off when vehicle is off. Battery pack is at 100 percent. The battery pack is connected to relay in the engine compartment that provides power to battery when vehicle
it might be that the yellow and red wire are switched
thinkware has cables where red is constant and yellow switched but ALSO the other way around

can you also advise how you connected it to the battery pack?
Yeah, the red and yellow wires could possibly by switched. If this same setup worked for you previously, then it's possible the constant connection wire is faulty, and only the ACC line from the battery is providing power. Either way I think you've successfully isolated the issue, it's very likely the cable here is the problem.