High Quality Low Cost - Dash Cam Pro 1080P HD DVR 2.45" Screen 165 Degree Wide Angle


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Oct 10, 2017
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●FHD 1080P Video: Entire HD video recording 1920*1080P, which is not only to ensure your safe driving, but also able to catch all the details on the road.

●Wide Angle Night Vision: 165-degree wide-angle night vision vehicle cam, the Sony Super HD lens is adopted, coupled with high-performance processor, to record remarkable high-quality car video.

●Gravity Sensor to Lock the Scene: G-Sensor has a recording function that allows the dash cam to sense a crash in case of emergencies ,then it can automatically save the video file which the dash camera recorder recorded .

●Fashion hidden design: the smaller body to keep hidden in your car is not easy to be found, do not have a large sucker to install, do not worry about falling, do not block the car line of sight, more secure.

●Simple and Safe: vovdogg V003 It only takes one minute to install it . It is able to bear as high temperature as 90 degrees. There is a built-in 2.45-inch screen, which is convenient to replay the caught video.

With such good function and quality, one must asume it costs a lot.

But here with the code L9BKRGDB

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you get extra 30% discount! which means it only costs $48.99!

highly recommand!

I am not sure how long will the code expires...

You’d better hurry :)

oh, here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/B0742DCCMG