How did your A139 3-Channel hold up?


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Jan 29, 2021
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I am in the market for a 3-channel dashcam like A139. I plan to use it in 1080p/30 driving and low bitrate Parking Mode. I will only use the interior cam in Parking Mode when parked outdoors, maybe several hours a day only.

I have read a few posts. One user had heat issues in Australia. I live in eastern Ontario Canada. My current cam is the A129 Duo. This 2 cam model has worked well so far.

I want the A139 3 channel over the T139 because the placement of the interior cam is more flexible.

If you used the 3 channel model, how has it been working so far? How long have you had it?
A bit late, but maybe you are still interested in an answer.
I have the A139 since January 2022, so a bit more than a year and did not have any troubles so far. No issues while driving nor in the parking mode.
Climactical conditions are around -2°C in Winter (-10°C at peaks) and 35°C in Summer (40°C at peaks). Car parks outside under the blue sky.
I had two of them in south florida, they worked flawlessly for about a year and a half (parking mode was used) both experienced capacitor failure. That said viofo replaced both of them for me at no charge... I know other that have had them in cooler climates and haven't had the issues I did. Heat is known to be a stresser to capacitors, so in my case I think that's what caused the issues, running in parking mode in the car in the heat for hours a day accelerated the failure.