How does a pedal technically work?


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Aug 13, 2019
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How does a pedal technically work? Well, this is such a really difficult question. Not all people can answer this well. the reason is that it is related to many numbers about technology. You have to get a master's degree to know well in detail. In this article, we will share our overview of this topic, to help you deal with some basic questions. Good Fishing Kayak

Digital Processing

In the digital circuit, people get the guitar's signal at a rate of 44.100 or 48.000 per second. this means the pedals will work at 16 bits or 24 bits. After sampling the signal, the signal will be read into a buffer. This buffer is in charge of storing the information and it can be manipulated. Then, people use an algorithm to apply the signal. This algorithm will analyze the numbers in the buffer.

If you want to convert the signal to the analog, you just need to read again the numbers in the buffer and convert them to different voltage levels. After that, you can take back the original signal. For example, almost pedals using digital processing are reverb pedals, tuners, digital delays, line 6 stuff and so on.

Analog Processing

It was very difficult for people to use digital signals before the 1980s. But with modern technology, it is easy and popular to use the signal. It is now cheaper to take advantage of them. There is a common way people use to explain analog effects, which is to divide the circuit into small, short fundamental building blocks. That is because almost pedals have to use this kind of combination of the block to make effects.

Amplifier: An amplifier is an active (powered) circuit that can increase or decrease the level of an electrical signal. The word amplifier means a powdered circuit, which can decrease or increase the levels of the electrical signal. The phrase " gain" of the amplifier can be understood as the multiple which amplifiers use to change the signal levels. For example, a Marshall or a Fender are two amplifiers that are designed to create gain as well as speakers. there are also small amplifiers in different pedals, too. In some cases, there are many amplifiers is used for just one pedal. Top Fishing Kayak Daily 2020

Most amplifiers used for pedals are used with transistors. We can name some types of transistors such as JFETs, MOSFETs OR BJTs. There are many ways people use to build an amplifier. Based on these ways, people can apply to different circuits. There are operation amplifiers, which are built on an integrated circuit. This kind of circuits is very tiny, with the number of pin packages is 8.

we call buffer circuit is a kind of amplifier with no level change. This kind of amplifier is used to insolate some parts of a special circuit from another circuit. It means there will be no more interaction among components. In fact, buffers are used to make pedals, they are important parts. Buffer is a part of a switching system in the pedal. That is the reason why we call this buffered bypass because it is still in the signal path, no matter the effects work or not.

If you ask me which affects the phase of coming signals as well as the frequency content, I will answer that is a filter circuit. This kind of circuit includes capacitors., inductors and resistors. In some situations, a filter circuit will be made around the amplifier. It is built to make sure that people have enough frequency shaping effect. There are some types of filters, such as a notch, resonant, lowpass, bandpass, and highpass.

Another circuit is the clipping circuit. This can limit the highest of the signals. it means a clipper circuit can chop off anything which is greater than the standard voltage level. It results in the situation that the top, as well as the bottom of the waveform, can get flatter. In the cases that the bottom is clipped more than the top,( or vice versa), people call this is asymmetrical clipping.

We can understand that feedback is the situation of mixing the output signal with the input one. We can see there are negative and positive feedbacks. The negative one is used to control the effect that a signal show. The positive feedback is used to lead the self-oscillation.

The oscillator can help to alternate the waveforms. It helps to moderate some parts of circuits. It means you can easily moderate filters, cutoff frequency or clock speed. People use an opamp, which has positive feedback, to make an oscillator. Oscillators work at low frequencies, under 20hz. In case you turn the rate more than 20hz, you can get a synth oscillator.

A pot, as well as a potentiometer, is attached to the knob on any pedals. In fact, when the knob is rotated, the metal arm will slide on the track of the carbon material to change the resistance. This different resistance will alter the gain of an amplifier or the frequency of the filter or oscillators. See Me

A Switch is to connect or disconnect the wires. It means you can easily route the signal when using a switch. You can make different sets of components. You can also make the circuit block. when you want to switch a component or remove a part of the circuit from the path, you can use the switch.

Although this is just some sentences about the technical working system of a pedal, we hope you can get more knowledge.


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