how long can record a dash cam 32gb card


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Sep 5, 2018
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When it comes to the size, how much do you intend to film at any one time? If its a lot, you may as well go for a bigger card - if not then get a smaller card and save the extra money.

Remember the SD60 records in HD dash cam, which uses more storage space, thus reducing the amount you can record on a given size. If you want to be doing a lot of 4k dash cam recording, I would say a 32GB as a minimum

The max recording rate for the SD60 is 17Mb/s, so an 8GB card will give you about an hour.
For the SD700, the Max rate is 28Mb/s, so an 8GB card will give you about 40 minutes.

According to the online manual Type, 4 or higher is needed. At the moment (searching Amazon) Type 4 and 6 seem much the same price. At the moment it is looking as though an 8Gb Type 6 at under £13 gives the best 'bangs per buck' - certainly I haven't found an equivalent 32Gb card for £52 or less.


Depends on the frame rate and bitrate 1080p25 and 1080P24 ( the blurry standard) use the roughly same amount as 1080i50 at the same bitrate. 1080P at 24mbps is a whole different ball game.

Unless you are shooting scenes like sports with lots of rapid action you won't gain much from the nearly double storage not to mention the lack of PC's with sufficient processing capability to process 1920 x 1080 footage at 50 fps.

Suggest anyone seduced by the magic 1080p50 tries 1920 x 1080 1080i50 and compares 1080p50. The resolution is the same, only rapid motion improves with the progressive option