How Much Would You Spend On a Multi-Channel Dashcam That No One Can Find

How much would you pay for a high-end multi-chan dashcam? (see features in-post)

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Aug 28, 2017
United States
Yeah, and how many times does your cam overheat because the processor is in direct sunlight, thus failing to record?
Nothing fancy about a GPS, only a mobius like cam owner would complain about it. I find speed indicator and shock event activation useful.

The purpose of this thread is to gauge interest in a permanent hassle free, discrete, all around, reliable dashcam with features like day/night mode, GPS, parking that you've come to expect from regular dashcams.
NOTHING IS RELIABLE IF IT IS IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. (image sensors can tolerate the heat more than processing units, hence why it makes sense to separate camera and body, in addition to stealth)
Are you able to remote lens 5 or so fe
$400 is taking the proverbial.
I have a perfectly acceptable 2ch solution using 2 Mobius cams, both connected via USB to an easy accessible hub tucked away in my boot (trunk). If I wish, footage from both cams can be downloaded onto a tablet or laptop simply by connecting the USB lead. However, I tend to choose to remove either/both cams as they are ever so easy to slide out of their cradles. I use this opportunity to update/synch.
I like the simplicity of the Mobius. It does exactly the job that it is supposed to do. I don't need fads (bells and whistles) that I have found to be pretty much useless on previous cams, I, and my insurance, just need to see who was doing what. They can SEE I was hit, they don't need G-sensor fancy graphs. The 128GB SD card will provide well over 20hrs' recording at maximum bitrate.
It would be nice if Mobius gave us an easy plug in/out bullet cam rather than the existing extension lens and improved low light recording.
Does anybody know how to remote lens between 5 and 10 feet with a Mobius?