How/where do I mount three or four front dashcams?


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Apr 4, 2018
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Hi, I want to mount three or four front car dashcams, plus a phone for GPS:

one of the view ahead, through the windshield, in case there is an accident and for my YouTube channel
one of the view ahead, through the windshield, to do time lapse photography for another YouTube channel
one of me talking to the camera while driving so I can vlog and maybe livestream
one of my front passenger seat, in case I get a pet
phone for GPS, since my Toyota Sienna does not allow Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

Where do I mount these? On the dash or on the mirror?

This is what I want to do:

Do I have to plug in all three or four cameras? I want a surge protector to protect my electronics (I had an iPod Shuffle fried in the car in the mid 2000's when it was directly plugged into 12V DC), so do dashcams come with a wall brick plug adapter for their USB A port, so I can plug this into a surge protector?

I am primarily in California, but travel on a regular basis through all 48 lower states and Canada, so it has to be a legal set up everywhere. Many states do not allow anything mounted on the windshield.

Also, do dashcams, DSLR cameras or GoPros do time-lapse photography like my iPhone and Galaxy Note 8 do? Do dashcam mounts hold phones as well as cameras?

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Jul 30, 2013
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I have mounted individual small Mobius cameras on modified helmet mounts stuck to the window, alongside a wedge camera that has its own adhesive mount. The helmet mounts could be rotated up/down and left/right to suit your needs. Not sure if this works for you in some states...?


I have also mounted 4 forward-facing cameras from a single mount using a spreader plate. Perhaps you can use this approach and fix the plate to something other than the windshield?