I Need a Dash Cam with No Problems! (Switching From Viofo A119S V2)

Apr 5, 2017
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Hey everyone! Bit of some back story but I'd really appreciate your help with this one.
You guys always seem to come through with the best suggestions and I'm at rope's end!

About 3 and a half months ago I finally managed to make up my mind after weeks of research and I found my love for Viofo's A119S V2. I bought this dash cam, it worked FLAWLESSLY for a few months, and then a few days ago on it's own accord, my unit started to display a frozen image and the buttons stopped reacting. Keep in mind, I have never once dropped this camera. I am a video producer in real life and I take care of my equipment. When I get out of the car, the camera comes with me. It lives on my counter top more than my car, truly.

I submitted a ticket with Viofo and they gave me troubleshooting options. No matter what I did (even installing the most current firmware, formatting my card, using a Samsung EVO mini sd, resetting the dash cam, loading the firmware onto the card *and then* loading the card into the dash cam) it wouldn't work. Viofo and I went back and forth a couple times and eventually the representative told me my unit needed to be replaced and that this was an internal issue - the dash cam would need to be opened and repaired OR refunded entirely and to contact the seller. Fair enough, I contacted the seller and even though I bought the dash cam almost 4 months ago, they happily took it back with no questions asked (I got lucky, huh?).

Here's what I was seeing, and after three days of different troubleshooting, no success (returned for good):(:
Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.51.17 AM.png

Immediately, I went online on a hunch and started reading dozens and dozens of reviews of people having the same issue. The screen freezes 75% black, 25% static. Half of the people experiencing this problem were able to correct it by updating firmware. The other half of those people were in the same boat as me. Trouble shooting for them did not work (like me) and nothing on their "try this" list resolved anyone's issue, leaving all of us totally lost. So now I'm of course hesitant to spend money on this same product again. I am disappointed because for once I found a discreet dash cam with a very easy user interface, 60fps at 1080p...I was absolutely sold that this was the right dash cam for me. I ranted and raved about how good it was, suggested it to other people...and now I feel like I'm back at square one.

What would you do? Should I try my luck once more with another Viofo and hope and pray that if this one fails, someone will help me? I have read online their warranty you can buy on Amazon is a sham and not to buy it. I have also read they have horrible customer service. I swear I think I just got lucky.

I'm looking for:

- A unit that is discreet (so, all black and small)
- A wedge-style dash cam for me was a huge plus, I don't like people to know I have a dash cam at all
- It must record 60fps at 1080p and have an angle 140 degrees and wider
- Must be a capacitor model as I live in Florida
- Looking for something great for night time shots
- No button rattle sounds as I drive
- I am biased towards 3M window mounts now because they work better than a suction cup (but if I had to, I'd take the suction cup option)

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Feb 6, 2016
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I don’t recall ever seeing an A119/A119S with this issue that wasn’t fixed by either manually defaulting the camera or reinstalling the firmware. At least temporarily. Viofo has eluded to this issue possibly being related to the sensor ribbon cable. Maybe yours was beyond this fix.

While it may seem there are a lot of users with the same issue, but when you factor in the amount of units sold, the cameras with this issue is probably a very very small percentage. I think your safe with another A119S.