I need a dashcam.

Discussion in 'What Should I Buy?' started by xpda, Oct 3, 2017.

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    I'm looking for a dash cam with these features:

    1. It should be silent (no "welcome" sound) when you start the car.
    2. You should be able record with the screen disabled (without having to manually turn off the screen). A few seconds or a minute on is OK.
    3. 64gb or preferably 128 gb micro sd support.
    4. USB power.
    5. Settings for 5 or 10 frames per second (also called time-lapse on some dash cams). Rexing V1 doesn't work for this because it won't re-write in this mode.
    6. Small, sticks to windshield.
    7. 1020 resolution.

    Is these anything available like this?
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    Yes I'm sure there is but I personally can't remember, I've seen that many "reviews" on youtube I no longer what features went with which cam but I do know of a lower frame rate parking mode on one. Many cams have the option of turning off the welcome sound on startup, and a lot of them have the "screen-off" option after about 30 seconds, my cams have it set for 10 seconds
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    Welcome to the forum xpda.

    1. Not sure if this can be turned off in all dashcams.
    2. This time can be set in most dashcams, normally 10 seconds are the fastest screen off time.
    3. No problem, if not supported native, you can often bypass this by forcing the memorycard to run fat32 using a little pice of software on the computer.
    4. Most cameras run on 5V USB power, mostly using a mini USB plug in the camera end.
    5. Some can use this in parking mode, for regular you want to use 30 FPS recording.
    6. Most popular form factor are the wedge shaped cameras, but they can be tricky depending on layout of windscreen.
    7. Yeah 1080p at least, some sensors used can provide 1444p but in general 1080 is where its at.

    Only #5 are holding you back if you expect to be using that for regular driving, if so you are the first one wanting this, but for parking guard it is a okay feature.
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    More than I can review. ;)
    A lot of vantrue models have time lapse feature.
    They do have start up sound though.
    I haven't checked if the sound can be disabled.

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