Innovv K1 Dual Camera Car system


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Dec 1, 2015
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Innovv K1 Car Dual Camera System installed in a Seat Ibiza 2005 three door.


The Innovv K1 car specific kit comes with cameras which are fitted with a small mount with an adhesive pad, for easy fitting to front and rear screens. The camera is so small it is easily hidden behind the rear view mirror. The system comes with a remote GPS sensor, this can be mounted on the back of the rear view mirror. Both the camera and GPS sensor leads can be run behind the roof lining to the side of the windscreen.


The trim can be eased off slightly and the leads slid in behind.


Here the leads pop out under the rubber door surround, ready to feed in behind the dashboard.


Simply easing the door rubber off slightly allows access for the camera and GPS leads.


There is plenty of room to allow the cables to pass without having to remove the door rubbers or windscreen trim completely. Also when selling the car, it will be fairly easy to remove the system for fitting the another vehicle.


The Seat Ibiza has a side panel which removes from the side of the dashboard to reveal the fuse box. This allows easy access to the rear of the dash for feeding cables and finding a 12v ignition feed to power the K1 system.

On the Seat Ibiza, it works quite well mounting the rear facing camera on the frame of the boot lid. This provides a good rear view for the camera, without the camera being in the way or susceptible to being knocked when using the boot.


It is best to use alcohol wipes to effectively clean the surface on which the cameras will be mounted. Also, warming the adhesive with a hot air gun or hair dryer can help (especially on cold days).


For the rear camera, the lead can be tucked under the boot rubber.


The trim around the boot can be easily manipulated to allow the camera lead to be tucked behind it. There is no need to remove the trim, but of course this is depends on which car the K1 system is being installed in.


The base of the rear seat pops out, allowing the cable to be routed from the boot to the side of the car, towards the front where the recorder unit is installed on this car.


Wishing to make removal of the system easy in future, the lead can simply be tucked behind the trim at floor level, ensure the lead will not foul the seatbelts.


With the front and rear camera leads and the GPS lead routed to the dashboard, it is time to tidy up the excess cables and find a suitable location for the recorder unit.


There is plenty of room to coil up the excess cables, carefully cable tie them in a bundle and tuck away safely.


As the side panel is easily removeable for access to the fuse panel, the recorder unit can be located here, in the provided carry case.


There is also a convenient position below the factory fitted stereo system.


In this particular car there is a small storage bin adjacent to the steering wheel, this is perfect to locate the recorder unit. Here it is out of sight, perfectly safe and secure and will not distract the driver.

This installation took about an hour, it is very discrete and can easily be removed when selling the vehicle on.
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