Installing dashcam behind a heated windscreen


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Apr 14, 2018
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Hi guys,

I have recently bought my first dashcam - its a G1W-CB from Gearbest. I have Ford Mondeo MK4 with heated windscreen. After installing the dashcam, I find left and right end of the footage blurred. I dont know if I have installed it incorrectly, or it is a heated windscreen issue or the camera is bad.

I have only basic suction mount (I have ordered sticker mount separately - its not yet here). With the suction mount, the dashcam is quite far away from the windscreen. In the middle the picture quality is quite ok, but the sides are really blurry. Also, in the middle, the heating elements are not very visible, but you can see them pretty clearly on the sides. I believe, that on the sides the heating elements are further away from the lens, therefore the dashcam is focusing on them. In the middle the heating elements are closer - too close for the dashcam to notice them. Is my opinion correct?

The sticket mount which did not arrived yet looks much shorter, hence being closer to the windscreen - will it help my issue?

Also, dashcam is installed on the right side of the rear view mirror (cant be in the middle because of rain sensor) and if I want the picture to be centered, i have to rotate the dashcam a bit to the left. I believe that this move makes the left side even more blurry, as the dashcam is now looking at heating elements that are even more distant.

On the other hand, i have heard about some G1W dashcams having problems with one blurry side. So I dont know if I should solve that with gearbest, or find another solution. And just for information - I think that it is not the fake G1W, as it makes .mov videos. Is there any way I can confirm this without opening the dashcam? I mean something like video quality check or whatever. And yes, I have taken away the plastic lens cover.

I have attached a few snapshots.