Interfacing my app with a dash cam; and develop cloud related features


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Dec 12, 2020
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Hi guys!

I'd like to build a program (preferred platform: Raspberry PI; but not a constraint) that connects to a consumer grade dash cam (not a "dyi/quick hacked camera"). My program would have some cloud oriented features: e.g. upload selected portions of videos, playback, streaming via cloud, etc). I have observed that the major manufacturers do offer apps, but not an official SDK to allow third parties to implement software.

For example such an application, like dride seems to be able to do this. As we can see from the page, it can connect to dash cam models such as Garmin, Transcend, etc. So either they obtained a public API (that I didn't find), or they communicated with those manufacturers to get an API, or they have reverse engineered the protocol.

Have you hints of dash cam models that have an associated public API that I could use? I'm not looking to support a lot of models. If I find just one that does the job well: I'm happy.

Thanks a lot in advance!
Very hard to find anything that has an API available, some have some basic FTP access available and can run some commands, a few people have written some programs for various models to offload files etc using this method
Yeah seem to be a hornet nest.

Though i am pretty sure stuff like that would be a strong selling point for many people, it seem to be the way the world gravitate.
Personally i would only use such stuff if i was able to offload to my own NAS or PC, and only if it was lightning fast.

And though my phone can see my wifi in the apartment with the router on the street side and my car parked in the back yard, but it is only just and i am pretty sure any dashcam wifi i would not be able to see, even if i stood on my balcony overlooking the back yard with my router in my hand.

And i am amazed my phone can see my wifi as it is a old D link router, and after all it is a solid pre war brick building.