Intermittent Issue: Live View in Garmin Drive App


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Aug 6, 2014
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I recently purchased a Garmin Mini 2 dash cam. I'm running into an intermittent issue bringing up the Live View in the Garmin Drive app on my iPhone. Sometimes, it will work fine, but other times the video feed will appear completely blacked-out (see attached screenshots and note the timestamps). I've opened a support case with Garmin, but they don't seem to be much help so far.

Any ideas what could be causing the issue, or how to resolve it?

I'm still within my return window, so i wonder if you think I should return this unit in exchange for another?



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unless you are aware of intermitent power to your dashcam, or something is blocking the lens, then yes, definitely return that dash cam while you are in the return window. That is well beyond the scope of what random strangers on an Internet support forum can fix.

All this is assuming you get no reply or instruction from Garmin support.