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Feb 1, 2017
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I got SJ4000 from aliexpress (not know original or not). It has 1.5 screen and wifi. I used only in summers two or less times.
Today I tried in my car as dash cam. I made the changes to start recording while charging to recording while driving there is no problem. It started to recording and I drive my car to market as 10minutes then stoped my car and try to open and want to watch records. I pressed the mode (power) button as usual but wont strated. There is only amber light at the top near the shutter button. I plugged to charging cable and red indicator near the screen is lighted. I think batterie is charging but sj4000 is not starting.

I unlpugged the battery and wait for a long time then plugged and pressed the button is but everything is same didnot start.

I formatted my sdcard and download update file but nothing changed.

Still camera is not working.

Do you have any solution ?

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