Is there any camera with AE Reference (knee) settings


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Apr 15, 2019
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I saw AE Reference settings on cheap Aliexpres IP cameras. This setting adjusts the size of the brightest part of the image used for Auto Exposure.
On 4 pictures you can see view through the window in my working room with different AE Reference on IP cam, AE compensation is 0. There is also picture taken with YI Action.
On other camera I found these setting only at Xiaomi YI Action. They call it "Auto knee" and you can set it with script.
Of course, all images are taken in Auto Exposure mode.

I need a camera with this setting to record sunsets time lapse. AE must follow the brightest part of the image near the sun. On a picture you can see sunset recordet with YI, Auto knee 255, AE compensation -1,5.
The problem is that I can't turn off lens shading correction on my Xiaomi YI, so I need other camera or older version of YI..


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