Issues reading Kingston Micro SDHC


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Apr 1, 2017
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Looking for help please regarding a Kingston industrial microsd card I recently bought (from ProVantage) for use in a Viofo A119S camera, and I’m wondering if whether or not the card has a problem or if it’s something else.

The camera records fine to the card, the problem I experience is reading files from the card. When I plug the card into a usb reader, any Windows 7 machine I try it in does not recognize it at all. I plug it into a Windows 10 laptop, it gets recognized.

If I leave the card in the camera and just plug the camera into any computer, it shows up as mass storage and can be read.

Any other microSD card that I plug in the Win 7 machines get recognized, so I am curious if this is a problem to do with the card, or Win 7? Would you just return it for something else?

Thanks for any ideas as this doesn’t seem right to me.


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