ITB-100SPW current draw - measured


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Oct 21, 2016
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image.jpeg image.jpeg I have been searching this forum and other sources, incl. the user manual and the Itronics website to find any information regarding the current draw of this dash cam, but to no avail. So I made up a breakout adapter to measure it myself and to share the information here, as it is quite an important piece of data, especially when using it in parking mode.

The results were for the ITB-100SPW, but my guess is that all the other ITB-100 models would draw very similar currents, probably even less because they do not have to power an extra WiFi transmitter.

During booting, the device draws about 0.13 amps (130 mA). In normal recording and also in parking mode the current draw is around 0.26 amps, which is very moderate indeed. This is surely helped by the fact that these models connect straight into the car's 12 volts, rather than needing a 5 volt downconverter (with inherent losses) as used by many other brands.

One more interesting observation: when parking mode is enabled, it will enter and announce this after 5 minutes as "initialising parking mode", when there is no motion and shocks being detected during normal recording mode. The overall file size is similar to normal recording mode (assuming HD & 30 fps), but the file saving intervals are between 3-5 minutes as opposed to 1 minute intervals.

The recording frame rate drops to 20 fps, the data bit rate drops from around 6.5 down to around 4 Mbps.

I hope this info is helpful to all users of this dash cam.
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