ITB-100SPW firmware update 1.3 & 1.4 - PC Player versions 1.0.7 & 1.4.0


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Oct 21, 2016
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Dash Cam
This is a lengthy read but I hope it will help to clarify a few oddities.

Today I received my new Itronics dash cam with default firmware 1.1. Using the latest PC Player software 1.4.0, which was loaded on the included 8GB SDcard, yielded the same problems mentioned on this forum already: basically changing any of the settings would not stick, always reverting back to previous settings. This was observed with firmware versions 1.3 & 1.4. However, when using the most recent available PC Player version 1.0.7 from Itronics' website, the settings could be changed, despite a popup error on startup and when going into the tab "General" settings. I believe the popup error message is caused by version 1.0.7 being unable to retrieve the firmware version used in the camera and which is embedded on the SDcard also. PC Player 1.4.0 reads this correctly, however, it wrongly reads back the WiFi modes if they have been changed directly on the camera itself (go figure).

Which firmware version?
My older ITB-100SPW was still running (without problems) under firmware version 1.0. When I ran the PC Player 1.0.7 on its SDcard, it prompted me (in Korean) to download an update (version 1.3), which I did. As I couldn't find any difference to my new camera which now has firmware 1.4 loaded, I updated the older one to that version as well. The question remains though, why is the manufacturer floating different firmware versions and PC Player versions around, some of which aren't even compatible which each other? All it does is cause confusion and customer dissatisfaction.

Anyway, I someone of you still has access to firmware versions 1.0 or 1.1 for the ITB-100SPW, could I have a copy please, as I would like to run a few more comparison tests.

Firmware update process:
Load the required firmware file "itb100spwfw.bin" into the root of the SDcard, insert the memory card into the camera and hold the power button for 2+ seconds. After a delay of approx. 45 secs, the voice prompt "starting firmware update" can be heard, following by loud beeps for approx. 35 secs. Soon after you will hear "firmware update completed - starting system" (silence...) for approx. 35 secs. Finally the voice announces "start recording" - the power LED starts blinking and the camera is running and recording.

Beware of the power button dual function!
Pressing the power button longer than 2 seconds will toggle the power on/off. However, pressing the power button only briefly will function as a toggle between "Client" and "Hotspot" mode and is announced as a voice prompt accordingly (if voice is enabled).

NOTE: Apple's IOS devices will ONLY work with CLIENT mode. If the power button was inadvertently touched (for example by wiping over it) one could have toggled to hotspot mode without realising it, making the dashcam invisible to the IOS WiFi setup screen. This behaviour is the same on firmware versions 1.3 & 1.4, and it could explain why some users suddenly experienced problems accessing their dash cam from their iPhone/iPad.