JooVuu X reliability and using a powerbank to help


Mar 6, 2017
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United Kingdom
After getting the solid green light when my dashcam was powered direct from the car's USB socket, I decided to take it out and run some tests.

Attached to one of my powerbanks the JooVuu X had no problem on 30 continuous power cycles, with no errors. i.e.
One power cycle
1. Connect USB cable to dashcam from powerbank
2. Note green, then continuously red, blinking LED
3. Remove USB cable to dashcam from powerbank
4. Note green, then the "power off" red, blinking LED, then all LEDs off.

So I've decided to run, for now, my dashcam in car off a powerbank (see previous posts on setup). The powerbank acts as a UPS, a parking battery and a current regulator. The powerbank is charged either in car using the centre armrest USB socket or brought indoors for a full cast charge.

I'm interested in any other stability tips (e.g. firmware, config options, SD card formatting, etc)

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Ruben Isai

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Aug 24, 2016
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United States
I cannot understand why people are having issues with this camera.
I am using the GPS power module that came with the unit, except I cut off the cigarette end and soldered a USB male end where the cigarette lighter was.
I am also using a generic 3amp 12v to 5v usb. Along with a Samsung Micro SD 32GB card and it's been operating 100% for over 8 months.
I am also using the JooVuu app on my s8, and while it does need work, I can connect first attempt and download my files. Play back in the app doesn't work.
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Oct 11, 2013
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Dash Cam
10 years, many dashcams
My last camera the production one also do fine, it have been in work since day #1

Regarding wifi connection it is a little weird, some times it just dont work with the app on my tablet or phone, other days it work 100% as its supposed to do.
I would not know if wifi DL of files would work, i have no need for that and prefer to not use wifi in anything in my life.
Mine are modified with a 12 mm lens and are my long range camera on the windscreen, but most of the time it have been my rear camera.