Just had my a129 duo installed yesterday with hk3 cable, I have some questions


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May 7, 2019
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I went to a car service where they installed it and they seemed to do a good job, but after I read more about the camera I found out the hk3 kit has a voltage detector that cuts off the camera if the battery goes below a set value.

I assisted the installation and the guy that did it explained some stuff when I had questions but I didn't ask anything about this feature and he didn't say anything either. What is the default value viofo sets it for out of the box? From what I read 12.4 is the best value?

Also, the cable for the front camera is connected to the GPS mount. Should the cable be connected directly to the camera or is it ok as it is now?

For parking more, which setting is the best? Low bitrate, auto event or time lapse? Mine is set to auto event, are the other options better?

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Nov 5, 2016
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There is no default position since the switch can be moved around at the factory during assembly etc. I would use one of the right two 12.x positions. 11.x is too low of a cutoff generally.

I like 30fps low bitrate so you get audio as well. (no audio is captured in time lapse parking mode)

Hard Wire kit needs to be attached directly to the side of the camera. GPS will still function with no wire attached to it.
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