K1s Current Measuring


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Oct 11, 2016
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Hi from the other side of the planet

Well well, the k1s is dashcam nr 7 or 8 after all. And is it still the best camera i bought ever. Some of you might be interessting in current measurements:

Current is 300mA when connected to 12V. That's nothing for a car.

Charging Current= 610mA @ 4.1V
Overcharge Protection: 4.2V
Overcurrent Charge Protection: 5A
Overcurrent discharge Protection: 3A
Undercharge Protection: 3.4V
Recording @battery: 1.2-1.3A :(
Parking Mode: 1.0A

When in parking mode, the unit is constantly recording, but not writing to the filesystem. It analyses the video stream to detect movements, if it does, it writtes the file down to the filesystem.

Charging current is 610mA, that's exactly two hours for a complete load. The manual is completely missleading, parking mode is not 30minutes of recording, considering the current it is actually 30 minutes of parking mode. After that, the power protection circuit (in the battery) will cut power, leaving a corrupted file system, which will led to the famous 'recording started recorded stopped' prob.

I fabbed up a circuit that simulates the battery using the cars main battery. Will post pictures soon.

I also hardwired all connections, removing the micro hdmi cables. well that didn't help much. I'll add a fan hopefully get probs sorted out soon.

stay tuned