K2S initial failure and quality problems


Nov 30, 2019
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About K2S purchased at the end of last year.

Until now, I had reported about this K2S crash and contacted the manufacturers.

As manufacturers, they have repeated only the claims and answers that "there is no problem with the K2S. There is a problem with the user."

There is no problem with the product. What?
It's full of problems.

So I focused on the rear camera issue and simply disassembled it.

I could almost identify the reason why the image crashed and K2S was restarted.

The cause was simply a wiring connection failure during the manufacturing process when the camera module was installed.

Looking at this photo, the manufacturer will unilaterally argue that "the wire came off because it was disassembled. The warranty was void because the camera was disassembled. There is no problem with the product and camera."
This is my assumption from the answers so far.
Perhaps they will not do a good job already.

But the problem with the product has been forever since this product arrived.

And what I can say is, "I want everyone to compare the wire I just removed the cover to the wire that when I connected"

If i try to remove the wire from the correct connection, the wire will turn curve.


I confirmed that this inspection error at the time of manufacturing caused malfunction of K2S and camera.

This wire is bent because I touched it after connecting.

However, the video is now recorded without crashing.

They did not acknowledge any product defects and refused to replace the camera.

They just repeat that "the product is perfect".

They refuse to admit mistakes. Only claims that looked down on people.

they wil'not to understand the underlying problem.

Therefore, i raised problems regarding initial defects and quality as major issues.

Earlier this year, COVID-19 has become a major global issue.

From February, I found a new firmware bug of K2S.
Now, when I write the this one,
they get completely angry.

They are angry because this bug are true.
Otherwise they just look down on the user.

Therefore, I will set up a thread for this tapir again.

Well ...
Even if the LCD backlight is off, the LCD driver is always on and drawing is performed, so this is a rudimentary problem with the farm that the LCD is running even though the backlight is off ...

After that ... I will support there as much as I can.
When they argue, I also write a counter opinion.

However, if they act to solve the problem, I will propose various improvements.

I'm sorry everyone, commented at world tense timing.
but this timing can I take a free break little time.

Good night


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Oct 11, 2013
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You have good eyes (y)

One should always admit mistakes if you have made one, it is a matter of honor, and a way to move forward with no mistakes.


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Aug 9, 2013
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at least they replied to you.
my camera keeps freezing
sent many emails, but they keep silent and seem to be hiding
i guess i would too if i was selling junk