Koonlung K1S GPS antenna cable wiring picture/diagram


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Sep 5, 2019
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My brilliant amazing K1S needs help. The GPS cable was pulled out from the antenna - see picture Koonlung K1S GPS wiring.jpg

Can anyone give me a close-up picture or wiring diagram, so I can solder the wires?
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I have several new, unused Koonlung GPS modules and you're welcome to have one at no cost, but I have never mailed anything to Israel. Is there any way you can set up a prepaid shipment? Would be shipping from Sonoma, California, USA. Could drop off at a nearby UPS store (#1743). Also not sure how to correspond in private, for exchanging contact info.
Koonlung GPS module.png
Hi and thanks for the prompt response. I'll check my shipping options and get back to you + how to communicate in private.
Wires are from top to bottom with the wire coming out the top. gps: black, red, green. Speaker: yellow(-), white(+). Please view image below.
Ref Image
On a side note, the colours its using match the 5 standard colours of a micro USB cable so you should be able to get a completely new cable to solder it in if the old one is in bad shape.
ColourStandard USBK1S
RedVcc (+5v)GPS Vcc(+3.3v)
WhiteData -Speaker +
GreenData +GPS Data (GPS Chip provides a UART output only serial connection on this wire)
YellowIDSpeaker -
BlackGroundGPS Ground

Kindda really glad i opened it up now, the GPS looks really interesting and simple to use. might get one to play with :)
Kitsee - many, many thanks. I'll get to work with the soldering iron.

Dane also many thanks but shipping costs alone are minimum $35 with USPS.