Language setting greyed out after formatting or updating? SOLUTION

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Mar 20, 2016
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Hello, I purchased my first new dash cam setup and I've been bug hunting for these past weeks found a odd one.

Short and simple: If your language selection is greyed out in the cameras options- turn off the cam, insert the SD card into a computer, open notepad or a application that creates .txt files, type "1" without quotes, save the file as "qrlang" without the quotes and make sure it saves as a .txt file, place the Qrlang file in your SD card and reinstall back into cam.

My story

After updating my 9370 to the latest firmware, I went ahead and formatted both SD cards empty and setup through viewer. Once inserted back into the cam and booted up, the boot screen and language was back to stock Korean. I went to the settings menu on the cam and found language greyed out. I was puzzled. I tried re updating and reformating. Same problem. Lukas wasn't answering my calls so I went ahead and contacted Amazon for a exchange. New one came in and I did the same, I opened the STOCK SD card (because I'm running a 128gb sandisk SD) and noticed something.. A file named "Qrlang.txt" was in the card and after formating with Lukas viewer, it disappeared. I inserted into the "replacement" cam and language is greyed out. I copy and paste the "Qrlang" into the card, and what do you know-the system boots in English and has language options available again.
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