Logic for SD card space allocation in different parking modes?


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Sep 24, 2013
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The file name for all three parking modes seem to have letter "P" at the end of the file name to distinguish them from normal recordings. When using either "Time Lapse" or "Low Bitrate Recording" parking mode, this seems to be the only difference in behavior. The recordings seem to be stored and overwritten along with normal recording files...

However, when "Auto Event Detection" is used, there are two more differences: The read only attribute is set for the parking mode files and they also have their own overwrite loop. In my case (128 GB SD card) the overwrite loop is 200 files, corresponding to 9 GB memory card space. Because one event detection file contains 45 seconds of recording, the maximum capacity for a 128 GB card is to store 2,5 hours worth of detected events while parking.

When using 1440P/30fps recording format, the card is capable of storing roughly 10-12 hours of regular recording. If I use Time Lapse or Low Bitrate Recording parking mode, I can have even longer parking times recorded, i.e. under surveillance.

At first glance it seems somewhat odd to me that when using Auto Event Detection, the camera uses only a fraction of the SD card's capacity for storing detected events, and instead wants to keep about last 8-10 hours worth of older normal recordings.

I wonder what is the point of keeping a long day's worth of old driving recordings and at the same time prevent the camera to protect the car for longer than 2,5 hours - when parking in a lively environment where new events are almost constantly recorded.

I would have expected the Auto Event Detection to behave like the other two parking modes - or if not, at least have the storage allocation policy "the other way around", i.e. to preserve 9 GB of the most recent regular recordings and use the rest of the card for parking events.


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Apr 19, 2021
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I think it's weird, too. I've asked Viofo about erasing the existing file, but he hasn't answered yet.


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Oct 11, 2013
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Using low bitrate it is just treated as regular files, also in my SG9663DR camera, and there as i recall they are not even tagged but easy to see as the parking files are just 118 MB each ( 3 minute )
Any actual events i think go to the RO folder, which is also why i have G-sensor on for parking mode too, just in case there is a major event.
But yes the RO folder also on the A139 are just some set part of the overall memory space.
I tested this on my old SG9663DC system and found that it would take a lot of event files before the RO folder would fill up and old files to delete, and it did not worry me with the way i run things with as little traffic as possible to the RO folder.
Actually i use the event button to save little things, and only look in the RO folder every 2-3 weeks for stuff for my youtube uploads.
But in all fairness i do not drive much, i think my daily driving ( on average ) is something like 20 minutes MAX

I would like G sensor to be more sensitive in parking mode, and i would rather amputate my own leg with a spoon that use motion detect.