Looking for best dash cam with backup camera


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Apr 23, 2021
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Looking for best dash cam with backup camera. One of the following

1. Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera (preferred)
2. Regular Dash Cam Backup Camera (not mounted on mirror)

Amazon's ratings are fishy so I am coming her for expert's opinions :) thanks


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Oct 11, 2013
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Welcome to the forum Cody.

Dashcameras with a rear camera, that rear camera are not really meant for reversing aid.

First of all a dashcam are best mounted up high, in the case of a sedan the trunk part of the car can block view of the first few feet behind the car, where a toddler can easy fit in.
second. Most dashcameras do not have a large screen, often a very small one, so you cant really do much by looking it it, and it might even be obscured by the rear view mirror if the main camera with the screen are placed in front of the mirror.
Third. The rear cameras in most dashcams do not have the guide and distance markings you would see in a proper reversing camera.
Fourth. the dashcam are mot mirrored footage like a reversing camera, so would take a little getting used to that, but it is not insurmountable.

The dashcams that do seem to have a reversing camera feature on the rear camera are often the mirror style cameras, the one kind of cameras that see very little pickup from anyone in here, but these mirror cameras can have nice wide screens though often not full height then.

I want a reversing camera too, but i will get a proper one, and then connect it to my head unit so i can see its feed on the 7" screen.
I can mount it up high as i drive a little JAP 5 door hatchback, with a damn near flat & vertical rear end, so i can mount camera on the inside of my rear window and so not having to drill a hole in my car, though i wouldent mind doing that.