LS460w and DCIM folder


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Jan 27, 2017
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Hi folks!

I'm in a search for old firmware for LS460w, a firmware that will save to DCF-compatible folder structure. I have found one for my LS430w (will see how it works and if it's not too buggy, as it's quite old), but I was wondering if LS460w was also, at the early stage, saving to DCIM folder with multiple subfolders, instead of one common CARDV\MOVIE folder. All firmwares I was able to find for LS460w were already using this "new" directory structure and I begin to think that LS460w was never using the DCIM folder... but I may be wrong. It's hard to get new firmwares for these cams, and finding old ones is almost impossible :(

Would you mind stretching the memory for me? Maybe you remember if LS460w was, once upon a time, creating this crazy number of subfolders full of files with meaningless names, until one day DoD decided to switch to one folder structure with filenames containing full dates for convenience... and maybe you have this old firmware? I will greatly appreciate it!

The reason I search for it is convenience in dumping the recordings to my iPhone while I'm on the go. I currently have this bloody thing :mad::
...and it only cooperates with DCF-compatible directory structure (so DCIM folder with 8-char long subdirectories with filenames in 8.3 format only - nothing else works). I don't wan't to purchase a multipurpose card reader unless absolutely necessary. I already made my LS430w play with it nicely, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to do it for LS460w too.

Thanks in advance,