Lukas 7900 Firmware Update Error


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Feb 2, 2015
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I have a Lukas 7900 ARA and just d/l the OA35 firmware and installed it on my SD card per the instructions from the Lukas website. Now, my camera is stuck on the boot up sequence and won't record. All I get is a OA35 reading on my LED display. No recording, nothing. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution that will allow me to change the language to English? Brand new here...


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Oct 11, 2013
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Yeah you can change the speech to english with the corrosponding Lukas viewer, its under the audio tab in the viewer.

I once had a wierd firmware update, but the my LK-7500 was still recording normal there was just nothing on the little display on the back.
I just put in the seperate sd card i use for updates again the next day and then it updated normally.
Sounds like the update have taken to the camera since it display the firmware version during boot, have you tried to format the SD card in the camera or using the lukas viewer.

When i update i do it in this order.
1. Install the new lukas viewer that go with the new firmware.
2. Use the lukas viewer to format the SD card i wish to use for updating the camera ( just a old 4 Gb card i have lying around )
3. Unzip the new firmware to the update SD card, i think its still 3 files.
4. Put the SD card with the new firmware in the dashcam and then turn the key in my car to start the camera.
5. The littel display should indicate UPda or somthing for a little while,and then the update is done and the cam should reboot and start recording, and display time/date while not moving and the speed when moving.

When i had the issue updating the camera did nothing for like 5 min or so and then i pulled out the Sd card and replaced it with the 64 Gb i use for recording.
But normally the update should only be 1 minute.