Lukas lk-530 Battery needed or not


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Sep 19, 2013
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hey guys

I just saw last night on ebay that green sum is going to give out a gift with every lukas purchase from september 24 to 4 october 2013. It's a CPL filter and also a lk-350 power device which is a timer and off/on function.

My only question is whether it is really necessary to buy the lukas power pack?

1. I've done research and conclude that I will be hard wiring the device.
2. I require an on/off button so i can turn it off when the car is at home.
3. I require a timer to switch it off if i forget the on/off button (or if battery, run out and not use the car battery)

I'm uncertain whether the lukas battery would stop drwaing power from the car battery source if it's dipleted it's own power if it's hardwire. My doubt is it will keep using the car power and i doubt it has a timer function on it?

What is the actual benefits of having a external power pack IF i'm not using the cigarrette plug-in. I will only be mounting on dash cam.

Do you think it is really necessary for an external power pack? Or shall i save my money to opt for the cheaper option without it.



Mar 18, 2013
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The LK-530 is both a power source and cutoff device. You can configure it to stop drawing power from the car's battery to make sure your car battery doesn't get drained. Until the car battery has reached that voltage (I set mine at 12.2v), the device will keep drawing power from the car battery so the batteries inside the LK-530 will stay charged.

For instance, if you set the cutoff at 12v, the device will stop getting charged when it detects 12v input from the car battery. It will keep powering the camera as long as the LK-530 has enough battery juice.

That means your camera doesn't directly get power from the car battery. It gets power from the LK-530, which gets charged by the car battery. I hope you got the drift.