Lukas / Qvia products are bad, and Service Team are petty thieves (IMHO)

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Jan 9, 2017
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in addendum to this post, but exceeding coleagues' bad experience:

had two R935 dashcams, both BNIB from eBay trader (since there is
no dealer nearby). Installed one of them ('1st') in professional workshop,
another unit ('2nd') remained sealed in original box.

1st unit worked quite well for ~1.5 years, and then started misbehaving:
turning on and off and reloading by itself (while driving) without any
obvious reason. OK, I have a 2nd one, will replace the faulty dashcam
with new (y)

This 2nd unit was defective from the box ! It's touchscreen stayed dark,
although it showed other signs of life (like blinking LEDs & speaking
voice etc.)

So I wrote a letter, describing the above, to Lukas/Qvia, and after
some Q&A style letter exchange received the following:

"Hello Dan,
Thank you for your detailed reply. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do
to fix those two trouble units by yourself. It needs a professional service
by Qvia/Lukas engineers.
Your explanation was great and very helpful but we cannot pinpoint what is causing
those issues, so our engineers will have to look into them first.
However since these units are out of warranty, there may be repair costs,
and if you prefer, you can send them to us directly.
We will repair it free of charge, but you will have to bear the shipping cost
of sending the units back to us. Return shipping cost will be on Qvia/Lukas."

What a great service ! So I made a relevant shipment to Qrontech office
in Seoul a.s.a.p., and DPD tracker reported my package as 'delivered'.

Time passed. More time passed. 2 months passed. I sent email
with obvious question, and on September 4th received a reply:

"Hello Dan,
Sorry for the delay. The repair will be done and the unit will be sent back
to you early next week.
We will update you on the process throughout this week.
Should you have further questions, please feel free to get back to us.


All future inquiries remained unanswered - although Mr (or Ms)
Monet Hungming Lee, Mi Jin Yoon & Supprot Team have read
my letters.

So the only explanation I can imagine is:
these guys STOLE the delivered unit and were LYING about it being repaired.


BTW: can somebody prompt any place in the web for complaints
on bad services and/or goods ? shall spread a word on these guys'
misbehaviour ;)
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Apr 14, 2016
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My R935 duo lasted 3yrs. I had NOTHING but problems with it for more than half of that time and absolutely ZERO response from Lukas VIA email or on here.
Here one of my issues;

Then about 3 weeks ago out of nowhere when I would turn on my SUV it would say "Lukas Blackbox", pause then say error formatting. It never said that before, it would always turn on and say drive safely. I swapped out both SD cards, same issue. If I turned it off and on about 5 times it would work fine.

Then 2 days ago it said lukas blackbox and never turned back on again.

I'm looking for a new front/rear dash cam, too bad Lukas has such crappy customer service because they did / do have the conveniences I'm looking for. I'm tempted to pick up another one anyway but it seems they're having a lot of issues with their new 2chs.