Map, Dash and Graph not working in Dashcam Viewer.


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Oct 24, 2016
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VIOFO A129 Pro DUO Lens 4K / Nextbase 522WG / Ddpai M6+, Mo
I have the latest free version of Dashcam Viewer 2.2.2 and only the video window works. Map, Dash and Graph windows are blank. I have the DDPai m6+ dashcam which creates all the required files and is in the Dashcam Viewer list. Any help and advice appreciated.
Check to make sure that the timezone offset setting on the camera is matching the setting in the viewer preferences.

Also make sure that the first file you load into the viewer has GPS data from the beginning. If the viewer doesn't see the GPS data from the start, it doesn't show anything in the GPS window even if the GPS data is present later in the video(s). (I had this problem several months back, I'm not sure if it is still an issue in the current version of the software)
@elsid, based on information from DDPai users it's clear that DDPai is still actively working on their data formats for the M6+. Unfortunately I jumped on the DDPai M6+ bandwagon early and although I figured out their GPS data scheme, it was changed in later revisions. This caused Dashcam Viewer to stop working for folks with newer firmware. So for the time being, I've removed support for the M6+ from the DV website and will plan to add it back once the dust settles.