Mini 0801S with optional Rear Camera


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Oct 25, 2017
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Hi All, first time post and need some help but a bit of background first.

This is my second dashcam; the first being a Mini0806 powered via the cigarette lighter. Initially that one worked and all the functions worked very well but as the months went by recording became less reliable and the camera started to slowly deform from the heat. Eventually it gave up the ghost literally in a puff of smoke! Life span 6 months. Reliability 2 months.

I now have the the Mini 0801s Super Capacitor with GPS and the optional rear camera. (I can't find reference to this optional rear camera anywhere though it's supposed to be an official add-on). The camera is hardwired.

I am pleased with the general quality of front and rear recordings irrespective of it being day or night. The sound is poor but manageable. Inside is a SanDisk Extreme with 64GB micro SD. In the settings table Version appears as DVR20170311V1 and MCU20161010V1. I assume this is the firmware though don't understand why there are two references? In any case it's supposed to be dedicated firmware for the dual cam mode.

1. I've had this unit for 3 months now. Again recording reliability was initially fine for both front and back but recently the rear camera is not always recording and/or not all the files can be be played due to a corrupt file error. Reformating the SD card doesn't help and the connection seems sound.

2. When parked neither Motion Detection nor Time Lapse seem to function (or I haven't set it correctly). When Motion Detection is set the red eye appears (as per manual) but the cam just keeps recording even if there isn't any movement for hours and hours (this function worked great on the 0806). Same issue with the Time Lapse mode; the cam just keeps recording non stop.

3. The cam is hardwired and there is supposed to be inbuilt protection/detection turning the cam off when the battery voltage drops below a certain level. It doesn't work as my battery has been completely drained three times now (because of issue 1). I now disconnect the cam everytime I leave the car to prevent it draining the battery. This is tedious and I'm not sure how long the connection will withstand the constant plugging/unplugging.

4. The dual playback viewer provided doesn't work and I have not been able to locate another one. This is not a big issue but in some cases it would help in better understanding a particular situation.

Q - Does it appear I have the latest firmware? If not where can I locate the latest for the dual cam system? I am hoping it will resolve the issues 1.2 and 3.

Q - Is there a dual playback viewer available for download which is compatible for the Mini I have?

Thanks for your time reading through all this. Any help/advice is appreciated.



Mar 16, 2015
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Hi, thank you for choosing skyhigh-global mini0801S.
1.The latest firmware is 20180202, contact us if you need upgrade it.;
2. Main advanced features for mini0801S module is no battery, power source from Super capacitor, it is safe in hot weather. So you need use the 3 wires kit for parking mode or motion detection.
3. the 3 wires kit has low voltage protect, it will turn off if the voltage below about 11.3-11.5V.
4. In the card, you can find the player-readme-GVPlayer, this is dual playback viewer.

Thank you very much.