Mini 0805 battery dying *again*?


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Mar 14, 2018
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Some while back the battery in my Mini 0805 showed signs that it was nearly EoL, after I'd had the camera for a couple of years. About two months ago, I bought a replacement battery off of Amazon, soldered it in, and the cam seemed to work OK for a while. Now I'm getting "Low Battery" indication almost immediately on shutting off the external power to the camera. I tried plugging the cam into a 120V USB charger at my desk. The red charging indicator shut off after a few minutes, and when I powered the cam on, I got a "Low Batt" indication and the cam shut down.

Do I want to try opening this thing up and replacing the battery yet again, or should I just punt and replace the camera?
Replace with a capacitor powered camera .
your e-bay battery was probably a hoax. You can always replace with a lower mAh batt (which is what I did) because the camera only needs the battery to shut down properly after power is yanked.
Hello, I've just got this dash cam in my hands and I've noticed that after fully charging the battery and disconnecting it from the power source, the "low battery" sign appears in 30 seconds or so. Is this normal or the battery is shot? If so, what's the ref # of the battery or size to get a replacement? Thanks!
needs a new battery, open it up and you'll find some numbers on the battery that indicate the size, replacement will cost a few dollars