Mini 0805 randomly shuts down due to desoldered processor


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Nov 15, 2014
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Hi, I know that there are similar threads but I wanted to create new one so it can easily be found.
My camera was shutting down randomly just as bunch of other people complains. First taught it was bad connection on the GPS base, then bad SD card, then bad battery but non of this was the issue in my case.
I stopped using my camera because it started to shut down immediately after I turn it on. So it was sitting in the car for months and I was about to purchase new one but wanted to check again if there is there something that can be done.
I discover that if I press lightly the Ambarella processor that camera started to work. It is BGA type of chip that desoldered from the board due to extensive heat. So I used my heat gun reflowed the processor and camera is now working for a few days and did not turn of even once.

Hopefully this will be able to help other Mini owners.
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