Mini 0805 Weird Sound Problem


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Dec 2, 2015
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I bought my camera from Gearbest. I read forum I set my settings and I tried it its great video quality is awesome and sound is working.. After few days later I realized that whenever I turn off my car camera gives "Low Battery" error.. I thought battery charges up when car is working.. Weird then I check video files and there is something weird with noise.. I dont know how to explain but I uploaded a sample to youtube you can check from here:

I dont understand what is the problem.. I use Duracell DR5010A Car Charger. Has anyone had a problem like this? Any advice? Btw its works normal when its on own battery..
Also it works normal when I charged fully and use it with same car charger.. I think it get weird when its having low battery..
With included car charger or with my xiaomi battery pack its working with no problem.. I am sure its because of duracell car charger.. But why? Charger can give 2.1A current so its bigger than included car charger amp (1.5A)..
Charger can introduce interference, the cable can be a problem also, could be faulty or just poor quality components
You're right I will try to change cables and will write to result here.. Thanks!