Mini 0807 Failures with card errors and other issues


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Feb 1, 2015
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After having used the Mini 0805, 0806 and now the 0807 I have yet to see any increase in reliability between models and the version 1 units are always full of issues that should have been picked up during testing.

First off I have GPS failures with two brand new units, one is fixed with a brand new GPS mount and the other unit doesn't work but it turns out that the brand new GPS mount doesn't work (long separate story about poor support from the manufacturer and not sending what I paid for).

The new GPS mount works for around 3-4 months with the car that is always garaged but once out more during the day it keeps giving card errors for one card slot which gradually ends up affecting the other card slot and beeping all the time. Nothing will get this working again.

The other unit with the non functioning GPS spends most of it's days outside and was working but developed a flickering screen (very early on), periodic card errors despite using many different cards and occasionally just shuts off at random.

Prior units have been the Mini 806's and Mini 0805's, all of which have died early deaths.

The solution to these issues?

The Thinkware F770's. No problems in either car for over six months. The Mini 0807 in my car is sitting there unplugged as a warning against these dashcams, still trying to decide on a backup dashcam to the Thinkware but it won't be a Mini range that's for sure.

If there is a problem with the memory card the Thinkware will tell me and I can rely on the Thinkware to always work, sure it's not perfect but it's pretty damn close.