Mini 0903 / Nano Q Review


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Jun 2, 2014
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Hey guys, I have had this camera for awhile now. I received it from for review. I was using it quite a while and had many of the same issues other people have mentioned here. I am not going to go into all the technical specs, there is already a ton of that information all over, but I just wanted to go over what I liked and my experience (and what I did not like).

Overall I do like the design and form factor of this cam. It seemed like a good progression from the previous mini cams. One thing I fail to bring up in my review is my 0806 shook and jiggled a bit while driving. it wasn't a nail in the coffin as I still liked the 0806 but I did mention it that review. Since this camera uses a center mounted connector, it seems to be a lot more stable and I did not notice shaking like I did with the mini 0806.

For $80-90 its pretty packed for how small it is. The WiFi might be pointless to a lot of people, but its always nice to me to be able to transfer files over WiFi (although you still need to go into the menu to turn WiFi on) but beyond that you don't really need it to view the feed while setting up as it has a screen, and the apps don't offer much beyond a live feed and file back up.

It is nice to see mini dashcams with super caps.

the GPS for me worked... somewhat. I would say most of the time it worked, but I noticed several times where the GPS did not lock. I don't personally display my speed usually beyond testing, and I know many don't. Other than that, I don't personally use GPS features (although I did test it with registrator viewer and got it working just fine).

Besides the GPS, i had a few other issues like others. The GoPro style connector did not stay in like others, I know there is a new mold coming which I address in my video.

I also found it funny that the power cables all don't connect like they should. you can't connect the provided 12V connector to the right side where the mounting screw fits into, and while I do not have the hardwire kit I saw how it did not fit due to the mount getting in the way unless you had a 90degree connector. These seem like oversights that never should have made it past the factory.

My camera did not always seem focused as well as it could be and I saw other users mentioned it too. I did not open mine up like others to try and fix the lens.

Overall i think the camera is interesting, and it is nice to see there is a lot of support for it and fixes/updates coming still to improve the camera. Overall it seems like it could be a great small form camera once all these issues are solved. Recommending it right now would come down to whether or not you are ok the camera not fulfilling all it's promises or potential right now (is LWDS/FCDS here yet even? last I saw it wasn't. although i don't care for that feature anyways) but if you needed a camera right now there are several other cameras for as cheap or cheaper that are great cams. they may just not have features like GPS or WiFi.

Check out my video review below, and thanks again to Diggcams for sending out a review unit. I likely will be testing it again with future productions (so hopefully everything is ironed out).