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Jun 2, 2014
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So this is a Mini 0906 from Veckle. There are several manufacturers. I can't speak on the other models from different manufacturers. This was sent to me for review by Veckle from a representative on this forum. It is available from Amazon here.

As usual with my reviews, the meat of it will be in the video down below but I will touch on some of the pros and cons.

The biggest pro of this cam is the fact that it has 1080p30 front and rear, for about $140 on Amazon US currently. It uses an IMX 290/291 (thats what the description says) and an IMX 322/323 in the rear. Of course since its a two channel system you aren't gonna get the same quality as an A119/A119S.

Few note worth things include a wireless button you can attach anywhere such as your steering wheel to snap a picture or lock a file. There is also a CPL for this cam.

The parking guard mode is pretty nice for the value of this cam. It uses an ACC/BATT connection, so when your car shuts off it automatically switches to parking mode. During parking mode it will record a low framerate 720p2 until it senses an impact which it will then switch to 720p30.

No WiFi or smart phone app support.

I will say the connection to the GPS mount does seem to feel more sturdy than the previous similar Mini cams I have used which is nice. The parking guard also works with the power cord connected to the base mount, not just the camera.

Correction: I do say in my review in a caption that there is no high temperature protection, according to Veckle that is a feature.

Check out the review:

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