Mini0906pro parking mode turns off after 15mins


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Aug 21, 2015
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United Kingdom
Dash Cam
Mini 0805
Hi there, I have just upgraded to a mi ni0906pro from a mini0806

I have used the hardwire kit that is recommended set switch to 12v cut off
Red wire to constant 12v and yellow wire to 12v on ignition
Everything works however I have noticed after 15 minutes or so the camera turns off from parking mode completely
I also have a tracker fitted which has sensors to monitor my battery and when I check this my battery hasn't dropped below 12v for the hardwire kit to switch off
I have parking guard set to acc motion detection and power off delay is set to off
Anyone else had issues like this I am going to set the hardwire kit to 11.8v to see if the parking guard stays on longer the 15 mins
Are the any overheating issues noticed when in parking guard as the camera does feel warm to touch after an hour