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May 3, 2021
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Hi all!

Longtime lurker. I have learned a lot from all of you, much appreciated! But I have a problem I can't figure out.

I have 2 DDPai Mini3 cameras that I use as security cameras in my travel van when I am sleeping. One in the side window and one in the back. All my windows are covered with window covers at night so the cameras are my only view to the outside. This set-up worked great until we recently started traveling again after COVID. It’s been more than a year since we last used the system ... and now it's acting weird.

Both Mini3's are set-up as follows:
- Both are the micro USB version
- Firmware
- Both are powered by a constant USB source from the travel van battery (not the engine battery). The voltage varies between 12v and 11.8v
- Each has a differently named wifi network.
- Each has a dedicated iPhone 6 (iOS 12.5.2) with the DDPai App. (v6.0.3)
- The iPhones are constantly powered from the same source as the Mini3’s.

Here’s the problem:
- Everything works fine running the DDPai app with iPhones set-up to show their respective shots in full screen Landscape mode.
- After about 40-45 minutes, the app quits on both phones while each Mini3 makes the power off sound. The iPhones then show the iOS Home screen.
- But the Mini3’s DO NOT power off. The red light on the cameras continues to pulse. The wifi output of the Mini3’s continues to work and the individual iPhones remain connected to their respective network.
- Of course, at that point, the whole set-up useless as a security system.

Here are my settings:

I have looked in the forums and can’t figure out a solution. I am hoping you all can help. Like I said up front, this use to work great! If we can’t figure out a solution, I will have to buy a different camera system.

Thank you!

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Colorado USA
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