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Oct 11, 2013
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There is a hole in the order of things.
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That is actually a style template issue since the template is for a previous version of Xenforo. If you use the new "Shades of Grey" template from the selector at the bottom, that problem does not come up but the layout is a bit different. Perhaps I will replace the old templates with the new ones.
Since last night I've been experiencing odd DCT web site behaviors and glitches which are also apparently template related.

If I use the "Shades of Grey" template the layout of the main page is missing all of the individual categories and sub-forums as if I hadn't signed in.

In addition, the DashCamTalk logo is missing from the top left corner of the page and instead the "xenForo" logo is displayed.

Also, rather than filling the entire screen, the home page is reduced in size and is centered in the middle of the page. (the blank space on either side of the page is cropped here.) I will post another screen shot below to demonstrate that.)


Here is a screen shot of the identical page set to the default template.


That's not all!

Using the "Shades of Grey" template the member data is missing from each post and like the home page the page is reduced in size and centered in the middle of the screen. As with the home page, the xenForo logo is displayed where the DashCamTalk logo should be. The same result occurs with either the blue or cream text Grey templates.


Here is a screen shot of the identical page using the default template. The member data is present, the DCT logo appears and the layout is normal.


Home page no longer fills the screen as it does in default mode.
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There is a hole in the order of things.

I've noticed that exact same thing for several weeks now but with different action camera brands. Nothing is missing but there is a gap between the brands listed.

I've been using two different computers to log into DCT recently and it happens on one computer and not the other using the same version of Firefox.
I am on FF too.
I updated to the latest "Shades of Grey". Will need to tweak those items such as page width, logo. Subforums are not shown to make the page load faster. Most visitors to the website are on mobile now and that helps with page speed.
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