MiVue 658 WIFI - R01.61.1379.A5W - speed camera alert no longer works due to firmware update


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Jan 18, 2018
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United Kingdom
anyone having issues with updated - R01.61.1379.A5W?

I updated my MiVue 658 WiFi firmware to (R01.61.1379.A5W) as this is the newest on your website for UK.

Once update was completed the language changed into Chinese, apart from English there are no other language in which I could see in the select menu - seeing this model is for the EU market I find that abit wired.
speed camera alert NO longer notify when driving after update, also a tyre pressure monitoring system icon appears in the menu which shouldn't be as MiVue 658 WiFi does not support it.

I also try downloading the new V56 maps but it wont allow me to install.

It seems firmware (R01.61.1379.A5W) was made for the Chinese market and not for the EU.