Modification of the Xiaomi YI Action system partition


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Dec 11, 2018
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Hello all
I have been trying unsuccessfully to unpack the firmware for Xiaomi YI Action camera for several weeks.
I want to unpack the system partition.
Extracts individual partitions with the AFT program.
LNX.a7s unpack using
All files are the same as on the camera as it connects via telnet.
However, when I pack again and use AFT to create a firmware, unfortunately the camera does not start ...; (
I wrote with Tobi @ s, he wrote to me that he had the same problem but someone from this forum could do a fix for it and give soft on the github but there is neither bearing nor the same softu. I have browsed the whole github in search of some other working version ... unfortunately I have not found it.
If anyone could help me to be able to create modifications to the LNX.a7s system partition, I would be grateful. I wanted to add some fixes to the camera permanently including the wifi client. That you do not have to give files to the SD card.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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