Multiple Mini 2's to Android app?


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Aug 2, 2017
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I have just purchased my 1st Mini2 and seem very satisfied. I am a Over the Road Truck driver and my question is if any one knows, Can I hook up 3 of the Mini2 dash cams to the same android app on my phone? Thank you in advance if anyone has an answer,


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Oct 11, 2013
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i assume you can, but you will have to assign them new unique SSID names and then connect ( wifi ) back and forth to what ever camera you want to see / operate.
So it would take some clicks on your phone/tablet to change back and forth.

I found out that on a little action camera with wifi i could connect several ( 2 ) devises ( phone and a tablet ) to the same camera and then see the feed on 2 screens, but only on the one devise could i make settings changes and similar operations.

I am not sure if you could connect to 3 cameras and have then running in a "window" each so you could just swipe back and forth between them, at least if that was possible you would have to have the app running X3 as i dont think the app can handle more cameras at once.
I have several SJcam action cameras and i can control them with the same Sj app, but only one camera at the time.

Sort of related i have a app on my phone and tablet, with it i can see the 4 cameras on my home CCTV system, and i can see all 4 at one time or maximize one to take up the whole screen on my viewing devise.
Aside for that i would be able to change camera parameters / settings and do pan tilt zoom too, but for that to work 100% it would have to be cameras that are 100% compatible with my NVR cctv box, and none of my cameras are.
I can control pan and tilt on my PTZ camera but sadly i can not work the zoom, not sure if that is missing in the app or its due to my PTZ camera not beeing same brand as my NVR box.
It would be pretty cool if apps for dashcams and action cameras could do the same as my CCTV app.